Dallas 1

Located near the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. This nearly 40,000 square foot facility houses a total of eight full flight simulators. Four A320 simulators plus one level 5 FTD, two 737NG simulators plus one 737NG Level 5 FTD, one B787 Full Flight Simulator, one EMB 170 simulator. Low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines has also located their Cabin Attendant Training Department into our facility and trains its crews utilizing an A320 door trainer and associated emergency equipment. This facility serves customers from the US like American Airlines, United Airlines, SkyWest and others.

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Simulators in Service

Simulator TypeID
A320 FFSFAA ID 1503
A320 FFSFAA ID 1532
A320 FFSFAA ID 1585
A320 FFSFAA ID 1623
A320 FTDFAA ID 1461
B737 FFSFAA ID 1498
B737 FFSFAA ID 1628
B737 FTDFAA ID 1520
B787 FFSFAA ID 1642
E170 FFSFAA ID 1549

Afgsim - Dallas 1 Training Center - Building
Afgsim - Dallas 1 Training Center - Simulators Bay

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