Dallas 2

Located near the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. This 116,000 square foot facility with capacity for 16 full flight simulators currently houses a total of four; two B767, one B777 and one E145. It also houses one B767 IPT for the use of Omni Air, ATI (Amazon’s Prime Air core airline) and Eastern Airlines. Omni has also located their Cabin Attendant Training Department into our facility and trains its crews utilizing B767 and B777 door trainers and associated emergency equipment. This facility also serves as home to Omni’s flight crew training department with 10,000 Square feet dedicated to them. It also serves as home to ATP flight school, the biggest FAR 142 school in the US with close to 30,000 square feet of office and classroom space.

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Simulators in Service

Simulator TypeID
B767 FFSFAA ID 1727
B767 FFSFAA ID 1761 - Cert. expected May 2021
B777 FFSFAA ID 1751
B767 FTDFAA ID 1737
E145 FFSFAA ID 1764
E145 FTDFAA ID 1765

Afgsim - Dallas 2 Training Center - Building
Afgsim - Dallas 2 Training Center - Briefing Rooms

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