Andres Restrepo

Executive Vice President

Andres, a seasoned professional with an impressive 21-year track record in the aviation training industry, assumes a critical role at Avenger Flight Group (AFG), overseeing and managing diverse aspects of the company's operations. With responsibility for various departments, Andres provides strategic leadership and ensures the smooth functioning of the entire company.

Andres has been an integral part of AFG for the past 10 years, contributing significantly to its growth and success since its inception. Throughout his tenure, he has demonstrated unwavering dedication and a deep understanding of the company's operations.

Andres has a primary focus on the day-to-day operations of AFG's training centers, leveraging his extensive experience in flight crew training and training center operations to spearhead efforts in maintaining operational excellence. Implementing effective processes, ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency, and driving continuous improvement initiatives within the training centers are key aspects of his role.

Playing a pivotal role in the business development of the company, Andres draws upon his experience to bring valuable insights and strategic thinking to shape AFG's growth strategies. He identifies new opportunities, cultivates relationships with key stakeholders, and fosters collaborations that enhance AFG's market position and profitability.

Before joining AFG, Andres spent a decade at Pan Am International Flight Academy, where he honed his expertise in flight crew training and Training Center Operations. During his tenure, he successfully managed complex operations, including the scheduling of over 30 Full Flight simulators and overseeing the qualifications of over 70 instructors. Andres also played a pivotal role in direct communication with regulatory bodies such as the FAA for training events and evaluations.

Fully knowledgeable of FAR 142 regulations, Andres demonstrates expertise in navigating the regulatory landscape. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Florida International University, providing him with a strong foundation for understanding and managing the technical aspects of aviation operations.

Andres, now in the role of Executive Vice President, brings his extensive experience, leadership skills, and dedication to drive Avenger Flight Group's continued growth and success.


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