We are located approximately six miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. This facility is also located about 2 miles from Dallas 1 Training Center.

Flight Training in Dallas, Texas

This 116,000 square foot facility has the capacity to hold 18 simulators and currently houses the following:

Full Flight Simulators (FFS)

  • One (1) Airbus A320 Level D FFS
  • Two (2) Boeing 767 Level D FFSs
  • One (1) Boeing 777 Level D FFS
  • Two (2) Embraer EMB145 Level D FFSs
  • One (1) Douglas DC-10 FFS

Flight Training Devices (FTD)

  • One (1) Boeing 767 Level 5 FTD
  • One (1) Embraer EMB145 Level 4 FTD
  • One (1) Boeing 777 Level 4 FTD


We hold one B767 IPT for the use of Omni Air, ATI (Amazon’s Prime Air core airline) and Eastern Airlines.

This facility also serves as home to Omni’s cabin crew training department with 10,000 Square feet dedicated to training their crews using Boeing 767 and 777 door trainers along with associated emergency equipment.

Also, ATP Jets shares our Dallas 2 building as their main headquarters and ground school training center along with AFG's simulators for all of their flight training.

AFG is the new dimension in commercial aviation training!

AFG has first-hand, long-time experience in airline training partnerships

AFG Customers in Texas

These are some of our customers in Dallas 2:

  • Omni International
  • Air Transport International
  • ABX Air
  • Eastern Airlines
  • ATP Jets
  • Alliance Aviation
  • Bell Murray Aerospace
  • Gulf Coast Aero

AFG is a Boutique-style training center geared and tailored to meet the specific customer requirements with an environment dedicated to exceeding and surpassing all expectations

What our customers are saying about us

Daniel Griffin
Daniel Griffin
Avenger is a first class operation with outstanding facilities and highly motivated professional support personnel.Their sims are wonderfully maintained and the briefing rooms are state of the artDir of Operations, Robyn Eldridge is a hands on manager who delivers results no matter what the request. Her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none!I am a 40 year American Airlines CKAAVENGER is outstanding in all regardsCapt Dan Griffin. 777 CKA ret

Omni Air International & AFG

Omni has also located their Cabin Attendant Training Department into our facility and trains its crews utilizing Boeing 767 and 777 door trainers and associated emergency equipment.
Avenger Flight Group Dallas 2- main façade

Where are we located?

Located approximately 6 miles away from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

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Get to know our training center

Robyn Eldridge

Director of Operations Customers

Parsa Shamsi

Manager of Simulator Maintenance

Nelson Perez

Manager of Technical & Facilities Development

Dallas 2 Training Center is located less than 5 miles from the DFW International Airport.

▪ It’s address is: 2800 Valley View Lane, Suite 180, Irving, TX, 75062.

▪ You can easily request a shuttle, Uber or Lyft to the airport. The trip willcost you approximately $10.

AFG has fixed negotiated rates with three hotels that are located close to the Training center:

Residence Inn

2200 Valley View Lane Irving, TX 75062

+1 (972) 257 2400:

Courtyard by Marriott

2280 Valley View Lane Irving, TX 75062

+1 (972) 817 8914

Home 2 Suites by Hilton

4340 W Airport Freeway Irving, TX 75062

+1 (972) 986 3606


▪ Free wifi
▪ Free breakfast
▪ Free parking
▪ Free shuttle
▪ Pool
▪ Gym

+1 (954) 516-0760

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Enjoy our Boutique-Style Aviation Training Center!

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