About Us



Avenger Flight Group (AFG) is a company in the commercial aviation simulation and training business, supported by hundreds of years of financial and industry experience.

Avenger Flight Group (AFG) was founded in 2013 with the objective of providing low-cost training solutions without sacrificing agility, a high degree of quality or customer service. The main focus has been to tailor our services toward rapidly growing Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) which had largely been neglected by more established training providers. AFG has now become the most dynamic preferred training center of choice for many US and international airlines, especially LCCs.

The company’s core mission is to provide to low-cost airlines who have limited options for fulfilling their growing and time-sensitive training requirements, alternative training services in more geographically desirable locations.

With exclusive long-term contracts with the US, Latin American and European low-cost airlines, AFG is the fastest-growing major pure-play company. Aggressively acquiring simulators for the purpose of opening and operating training centers to support the organic growth of existing and future customers. AFG is the only training company in the World that has airline pilot training contracts with long term exclusivity.

Executive Team