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AFG Madrid A330 Full Flight Simulator
Airbus A330 NEO in Madrid
it’s the latest Airbus 320 in Southern Europe, with a STD 2.0, the highest value given by Airbus to this date

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Avelo and Avenger Flight Group’s Partnership

New Integrated Flight Crew Training: Avelo announced that it is converging its airline-wide Flight Attendant and Pilot training in Orlando. Beginning this summer all training for all Avelo Flight Attendants and Pilots will be facilitated by Avenger Flight Group (AFG) — the world’s largest privately owned commercial aviation training and simulation company. Avelo expects the
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AFG Stands with Ukrainian Refugees

Our Impact At AFG, we like to give back to the community.  During these challenging and treacherous times in Europe, we are committed to helping refugees from Ukraine. Currently, 3.8 million people have fled Ukraine with Poland currently hosting more refugees than any other EU state. That is why, every week, we choose one shelter
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Avenger Flight Group: Madrid

Serving Our European Customers With new airlines emerging in Europe, training demands have increased greatly within the last few years. To keep up with these requirements, AFG has opened three training centers in Europe: Rome, Warsaw and Madrid. Currently housing two full flight simulators, one Airbus A320 and one A330NEO/CEO there is room for expansion
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Avenger Extends its Reach within the Caribbean

New Beginnings in the Dominican Republic  Avenger Flight Group and AVA Airways have agreed to open the first training center in the Dominican Republic with a full flight simulator. The Santo Domingo boutique style training center will maintain the foundation of Ava´s flight training programs while its crews will benefit from our state-of-the-art emergency training
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A Look Back at 2021

A Great Year 2021 is over! Although there were roadblocks along the way, the Avenger Family has surpassed and exceeded in their ventures. Looking back at this year full of challenges, successes, and endeavors, it is important to take a moment to appreciate our accomplishments along 2021. Although there were countless achievements across the company
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Avenger Flight Group’s Growing Partnership with Envoy Air

New Beginnings with Envoy Avenger Flight Group has entered an exciting partnership with Envoy Air, which will include the installation and management of five new simulators at our Dallas 2 facility in Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas! DFW2’s New Additions We have already installed the first full flight simulator, an ERJ145, which is owned and managed by
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Avenger Flight Group’s Newest Flight Training Center: Orlando, Florida

Our Orlando Center This November, we will open the doors to our newest flight training center in Orlando, Florida.  With the space to hold six full flight simulators, the Orlando Training Center will be one of our larger training facilities.  In addition to the space for six full flight simulators, the sim bay also has
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Avenger Flight Group’s Fort Lauderdale Beginnings

Humble Beginnings In 2013, with two Sim Industries Airbus A320 full flight simulators and nine local employees, Avenger Flight Group opened our first training center and headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Fort Lauderdale was chosen as the location for the first center and headquarters because of its offering of aviation transportation options.  More than 700 daily flights


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