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AFG Madrid A330 Full Flight Simulator
Airbus A330 NEO in Madrid
it’s the latest Airbus 320 in Southern Europe, with a STD 2.0, the highest value given by Airbus to this date

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Get to know our partners!

Jochen Timm, the director of DHL’s flight crew training program, spoke with us. He described how handy it is for their airline’s training sessions to be held at AFG Madrid. “DHL-EAT is pleased to collaborate with AFG because both the A330 FFS and the training center are cutting-edge. Additionally, the location and its surroundings are accessible
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A simple smile can make someone´s day!

A smile can go a long way in the workplace, further than one might think. A simple smile can make someone’s day! It can make them feel more at ease, relaxed, and prone to keeping a positive mindset. We know that this has a direct impact on our performance, and this is why, at AFG,
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How to make your crew’s training more efficient?

Check out these 4 tips to reduce global cost: Let one of our Client Directors invite you to a coffee, even at your current location! AFG is able to build a customized training center for you. “Whenever and wherever” is our policy. Enjoy AFG´s great 24/7 customer service with personal, friendly assessments. Grow with us!
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AFG attended EATS 2022, Europe’s largest aviation expo

Pedro Sors, President and CEO of Avenger Flight Group, and Andres Restrepo, Senior Vice President of Operations and Customers, attended EATS 2022, Europe’s largest aviation expo. They presented AFG’s revolutionary vision for pilot training from around the world. From simulator installation to maintenance and customer relationships, we ensure that all the needs from the different airlines
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Ukraine International Airlines, Avenger Flight Group’s newest customer

We are pleased to welcome our newest customer, Ukraine International Airlines (UIA)! Thanks to this new relationship, AFG will provide tailor-made training solutions to UIA in order to fulfill its growing training requirements. Additionally, it has recently performed its internal audit successfully. Operating since 1992, UIA has non-stop flights between Ukraine and the largest hubs of Western
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Multiculturalism at Avenger Flight Group

It is well-known that Avenger Flight Group appreciates local communities, strategically implementing Training Centers in several countries where it sees fit. However, the impact of our multicultural work environment goes further. The combination of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds in our workplace provide a wide range of viewpoints that help us generate different ways of tackling challenges.  Our diverse environment
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Pilot Open Day at our Warsaw Training Center

Recently AFG Warsaw Training Center held a Pilot Open Day ran by Enter Air Sp. z o.o. airline. This event is a great place to learn more about what it takes to become a pilot. Enter Air covered important questions such as which qualification is required before candidates can apply and what the job market looks like. Pilots
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Viva Aerobus’ debut at our Monterrey center of excellence

We are thrilled to announce that Viva Aerobus debuted its cabin simulator for its flight attendants at our Monterrey training center. Adrian Torija, Director of Operations, and Mayela Flores, Training Manager, both from Viva, attended the inauguration, which included a demonstration of how Viva’s Cabin Crew is trained in passenger service. This is another great example of how we


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