AFG provides affordable training solutions to support growth of current and future customers

  • Our Business model allows low-cost airlines to outsource training and acquire initial capital investment
  • At AFG, we develop purpose-built training centers tailored to our clients' needs and requirements with the aim of reducing travel costs
  • AFG’s model also caters to candidates from aviation universities and flight schools by providing access to advanced simulator flight training as required by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) as well as International Jet Transition Courses

Boutique-Style Training Approach

AFG specializes in dry leases, mostly selling simulator training hours as this reduces costs because instructor staff is not included

Your Need, Our Priority

We provide you with training solutions wherever you are. We can bring you a simulator anywhere around the globe.

Flexible Contracts

Our flexibility to execute different types of contracts has allowed us to establish fruitful long-term relationships with our customers

Our core mission is to provide airlines which have limited options to fulfill their growing and time-sensitive training requirements while supplying alternative training services in more suitable geographical locations at a reasonable price. Modern advanced simulation at its best!









AFG Experience with Airline Training Partnerships

The AFG Partner network is the combination of the best business know-how, technology solutions and a long experience in airline training partnerships. Being the main provider of flight training services to carriers such as Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air, we are proud to help them achieve their transformation goals.

Get to know our simulators portfolio

AFG offers Full Flight Simulator (FFS) training to a vast variety of airlines ranging from Ultra Low-Cost carriers to major airlines in North America, South America and Europe.

Our Simulators have the highest fidelity and visual standards.  The Company is focused on being a leading value-added provider of Level D Full Flight Simulators to the civil aviation flight simulation industry.

Airbus A330 FFS #02 – AESA ES-1A-047

A330 Full Flight Simulator in Madrid, Spain

Airbus 330 #1 AESA ID EA-1A-044 & EA-1A-045 PIC

Airbus A330 FFS #01 – AESA ID EA-1A-044

A330 Full Flight Simulator in Madrid, Spain

Airbus 320 #16 AESA ID ES-1A-040 PIC

Airbus A320 FFS #16 – AESA-ES-1A-040

A320 Full Flight Simulator in Madrid, Spain

AFG News

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    Get to know our partners!

    Jochen Timm, the director of DHL’s flight crew training program, spoke with us. He described how handy it is for their airline’s training sessions to be held at AFG Madrid. “DHL-EAT is pleased to collaborate with AFG because both the A330 FFS and the training center are cutting-edge. Additionally, the location and its surroun...
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    A simple smile can make someone´s day!

    A smile can go a long way in the workplace, further than one might think. A simple smile can make someone’s day! It can make them feel more at ease, relaxed, and prone to keeping a positive mindset. We know that this has a direct impact on our performance, and this is why, at AFG,...


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